Hi my name is Randy. I had total shoulder replacement surgery. The doctors gave me Vicodin for the pain. It did very little and absolutely nothing for sleep or anxiety. My significant other ordered Verum Gold cbd oil softgels for me to try. That is when I finally started to get relief from the pain and was able to sleep. I tried some other cbd oil for pain and cbd oil for anxiety products, they did not work at all.

I also had problems with pain and discomfort from the surgery staples. The next day after I got home from surgery, my nose swelled up from the nurse swabbing it like a roto-rooter (she was extremely rough) so I would not get mrsa. This caused me to wake up in the middle of the night, not being able to breath and causing me to have panic attacks. It has been just over a year now and my flexibility and strength have improved. I continue to use Verum Gold CBD to aid with sleep and for my over all general well-being. Verum Gold saved the day for me!

CBD helped with pain from surgery staples

That's why you deserve Verum Gold CBD, it works!

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